Instructions & Examinations is based on Open Learning & Education System

Term end examination will be held as per scheme notified from time to time. Examination schedule is intimated in the admission letter so as to enable the students to plan accordingly for the examinations. Student can exercise the option to clear the papers in piece-meal whenever examination is held / requested. Being flexible examination system student is to re-appear for examination in such subjects only in which he/she has failed.

Study Material based periodical Assignments and Assignment for Term End Examination is sent to students through post /courier. Students are not required to attend the Institute at Mumbai.

There are two modes of examinations. Students are required to opt for any one.

Center Examination:
Examination of all the courses is normally held at Mumbai Center. Examinations are also held at the authorized IBRM’s examination centers throughout India subject to the availability of sufficient number of examinees at the given place.

Assignment Based Postal Examination:

Institute has provision for assignment based postal term end examination also. Under this scheme, term end assignments (For Term End Examination) are sent to the student (under confidential cover) as per term end examination schedule given in the admission letter. These are to be completed / answered and the response-sheets returned to the Institute with in 15 days of the receipt. In the absence of any express option, it is believed that student has opted for assignment based postal term end examination system. Students are advised to dispatch the response sheets to the Institute by registered post/courier to ensure their timely receipt. Students may submit response sheets of assignments /term end examinations of all subjects together or may submit in parts followed by the submission of remaining assignments/response sheets with in the specified time. If a student is not in a position to take the term end examination as per examination schedule and want to get it rescheduled (propone or postpone), may inform the Institute accordingly with a fee @ Rs 250/- per subject one month in advance to avoid penalty of re-examination fee so that his/her session/semester is re-scheduled accordingly and examination arranged as per request. No preponement is permitted in case of fast track system.


Students will be required to respond to the questions (based on study material issued to the student) given in the assignments within the date of submission specified on the body of the assignments. In case of late submission of assignment/assignments, a nominal late fee @ Rs. 100/- per assignment is required to be sent/deposited while submitting solved assignments.


Any student, who fails to qualify a given paper, can rewrite the same on payment of re-examination fee @ Rs. 1000/- for each such paper. If a student fails to submit answer sheets of the term end examination of one or more subjects within the required period, he/she has to pay a penalty of Rs. 100/- per day per subject.

Weight age of Assignments and Examinations:

The assignments are for study purpose only. There will be no any weight age to assignments in Term end exam. The term end Exam will be of 100 Marks. And will be carrying 100% Weight age.

Self assessment exercises:

Self assessment exercises are given in the end of each chapter of the study material issued by the Institute. Students are expected to exercise all statements for their self appraisal about the subject. These are not being sent to the Institute.