Why Retail Specialization?

Retailing in India is increasing gradually towards its path of achieving its goal the next bonanza industry. Modern retail has inscribed as India observed in straggling shopping, amusement centre, multiple malls and huge complexes offer shopping entertainment and food under a sole root. A young and admired terminus for the voguish young crowd.
There is a vast scope for the development of the organized sector in India. The diverse surveys conducted individually assure that:
1. In the period of next five years, India’s retail will expand more than 80%.
2. In India there will be 20% growth for the organized retail segment by2010
3. The dimensions of the organized retail will increase triple fold in the next 4-5 years to 17 billion dollars as against current size of 6 billion dollars.
4. India will notice the rapid growth in retailing and real estate.
5. India is ranked 6th in the global retail development index.
6. India is the 5th among the 30 emanate markets for new retailers to enter.