IBRM - Student's Zone

Welcome Students,
“Students Zone” is an excellent platform extended by IBRM, and is meant to serve as a source of information and a point of contact for our students.
Through this platform, you will find information about examination schedule, results and many more…

Student Verification: This is a column, which can only used by corporate people from respective organizations. For example: If a IBRM student applies in some organization and submit his/her certificates,  the HR Manager / authorized person from HR Dept. can use this column. They can contact IBRM-Verification Dept. through their corporate domain email ids only. The Verification Dept of IBRM will respond within 48 hours.

Student Support Center: Support Center is again a very good channel for enrolled students, from where they can get assignments for practice by prior application. In addition, they can apply for final examination according to their convenience.

Update Us: It is fully student’s responsibility to update us, In case they are changing their email IDs, Contact Numbers and Address. Through this channel, student can easily contact us and update us.